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Full service to the power of 5

Nothing is impossible! With five transshipment terminals, we are equipped for all challenges - from a single pallet of general cargo to wind turbines. As the largest RoRo hub in the Baltic Sea region, we are the central bundling point on Europe's north-south axis. And the busiest TEN-T core port for connections to and from Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.

  • Our strengths: unlimited flexibility. Highly specialised equipment. Optimally trained specialists. As well as the unique direct trimodal hinterland connection to rail, road and inland waterway. Our intermodal terminal at the Skandinavienkai terminal enables efficient and fast handling of load units to and from everywhere in Europe.

  • Multifunctional storage and pre-stowage areas, most of which are for weather-protected handling, complement our full-service range. With forwarding services, workshops for repairs, maintenance and value-added services as well as order picking, we offer numerous services directly on the terminal site. Catering and shopping facilities make the waiting time more pleasant and ensure a pleasant stay.

  • 5 transshipment terminals
  • 1,800 km² total area
  • 19 RoRo berths
  • 30,000 m track length

Overview of our terminals

  • Skandinavienkai

    Terminal area
    800,000 m²
    9x RoRo (4 with upper deck ramp, 2 pontoons)
    Track length
    12,000 m

    The largest terminal of Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft is located directly at the Trave estuary. High frequency freight and passenger ferries from and to Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania are dispatched here. The intermodal connection to water, rail and road is unique in the Baltic Sea region.

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  • Seelandkai

    Terminal area
    approx. 168,000 m²
    2x RoRo, 1x ConRo
    Track length
    approx. 2,700 m

    With two container gantry cranes, RoRo and LoLo handling can take place in parallel at the Seelandkai terminal. Special equipment guarantees efficient transshipment for onward transport by road and rail. In addition to trailers and containers, new and used vehicles are also shipped here.

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  • Schlutup

    Terminal area
    approx. 260,000 m²
    2x RoRo (pontoon)
    Track length
    approx. 3,300 m

    As one of Europe's largest distribution centre for the Swedish and Finnish forestry products industry, our Schlutup terminal is tailor-made for handling and storing these goods. In addition, all types of RoRo cargo come and go here.

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  • Nordlandkai

    Terminal area
    484,000 m²
    4x RoRo (1 with upper deck ramp), 1x LoLo
    Track length
    approx. 10,000 m

    The multifunctional Nordlandkai terminal is used for handling and storing steel, bulk goods, building materials, general cargo and heavy goods. Large halls and covered tracks guarantee loading regardless of the weather. Highly specialised equipment is available for particularly large and heavy goods.

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  • Konstinkai

    Terminal area
    60,000 m²
    Track length
    4,000 m

    The Konstinkai terminal is a multifunctional port in the Lübeck city ports area. The direct connection to the Elbe-Lübeck Canal creates the best conditions for loading and unloading coasters and barges.

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  • Welcome to our cruise terminals

    Admire the view or go straight to the city? At our two cruise terminals, we welcome guests with maritime views and a perfect starting point for short and longer excursions.

    Cruise terminals


Our equipment gets machinery enthusiasts raving: Highly specialised forklifts, material handlers and tugmasters stack, transport and grab goods of all kinds. Whether heavy goods, project cargo, pallets, big bags, containers, trailers or other general cargo - we have the right equipment. With our 100 t mobile crane at the Nordlandkai terminal, we also pick up tiny houses or even aircraft fuselages.

  • More than 800 vehicles and other equipment move load units and goods of all kinds


  • We are at your side

    Whether port handling or properties, public relations or sales, here you will find all your contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Your questions answered

    How do I get to the shipping companies' check-in? What is the exact address of my terminal? Where can I park my truck? Some questions come up more often than others. Here are the answers.

  • Looking for documents?

    From our quay tariff to ordner notes or safety instrcutions for entering the port facilities – all relevant documents are available in our download section.


Get in touch.

Learn more:

  • Your high-performance port

    Handling, stevedoring, storage: We offer a full logistics service for goods of all kinds. Our modern port handling counts on experienced specialists, maximum flexibility and highly specialised equipment.

    Port Handling
  • One port. All routes.

    Water, rail, road: The Port of Lübeck is not only the gateway to Northern Europe. It is the only Baltic Sea port to offer a direct trimodal hinterland connection. And therefore the best conditions for flexible pre-carriage and on-carriage.