A port, my job

Performance that gets things moving

So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work: At LHG, we don't work with our elbows stuck out but, rather, shoulder to shoulder. Whether in the office or outside in the field, every team member is important. Together we fulfil a key function for the distribution of goods flows throughout Europe.

No day like the other – no job like any other

It is clear that with such major tasks and assignments not everything goes according to plan all the time. But that is exactly what makes working at LHG so exciting. Heads together and the right solution can be found. Reason enough to pat each other (and sometimes even yourself) on the back after work.

What is also clear: Those who do a good job deserve more than just recognition and a fair salary. Many benefits relating to health, discounts, commuting to work, further training and other extras show our employees how much we appreciate their commitment.

And yet: Working in the port and with logistics means living and experiencing dynamic momentum. For us that means: keeping up with the times, never reaching our ever more ambitious goals and continuing to work constantly to improve our cooperation.

Your benefits

  • Unique workplace

    Dynamic, varied and always on the move - the port is not like any other workplace. That’s something you have to like! But if you appreciate a breath of fresh air and lots of variety, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Fair pay

    Sometimes it's quite easy. Good work deserves good pay. We pay according to the collective wage agreement, of course. What you get on top with us: capital-forming benefits and a subsidy for the company pension scheme.

  • Annual special payments

    Vacation bonus, Christmas bonus, long-term loyalty bonus – appreciation comes in many ways. Sometimes also in monetary terms.

  • Further training

    Standing still simply does not fit in with working in a port environment. We support LHG employees in their personal and professional development with individual training courses.

  • Health management

    The health of our employees is extremely important to us. From check-ups and vaccinations to company sports - there's a lot going on here.

  • Discount programme

    In addition to the varied Lübeck weather, LHG employees also enjoy a wide range of discounts with various online and offline retailers. 

  • Company car park

    There are plenty of parking spaces for our employees both at our Hafenhaus headquarters and at our terminals.

  • Flexible working

    Goods can only be loaded to a limited extent in the home office. Some things can only be done on site at our terminals. But wherever it suits, flexible and mobile working is possible, of course.

  • Team events

    If you can work, you can also party. Whether at our annual summer party or at the Christmas party in the respective department - we celebrate the same way as we work: preferably together.   

  • More mobility

    The very personal change in mobility by opting for a bike? It’s running... ...or rather rolling along We support company bike leasing for all our employees who want to cycle to work and are covered by the TVöD (collective agreement for public service employees). 

  • Lunch

    Lunch break in the Hafenhaus? Best of all in our canteen, chatting with colleagues. We give you a lunch allowance for this purpose.

Internship at LHG

The Port of Lübeck is a really good place – also when it comes to taking your first professional steps in the international transport and logistics industry.  As the LHG Group, we offer those who are interested in the diverse activities involved in port operations the opportunity to complete an internship before they actually embark on their career.

It doesn't matter whether it's a school student internship or a course-related internship. Because in addition to the one to two-week internships for school-goers, third-level students can also complete their course-related internship at our premises in the port.

Get in touch.

Any questions? We are happy to help.

Learn more:

  • Careers start here

    Promising and versatile. Embarking on your personal career path with us means taking the first steps in the dynamic logistics industry and working directly at the cutting edge of the diverse European freight transport sector.

  • Application guide

    What should the application include? How do I prepare for the selection interview? We answer these and many other questions for prospective LHG trainees in our application guide.

    Everything about the application

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