We are Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft

As the largest German RoRo hub in the Baltic Sea region, we are the central product bundling point on Europe's north-south axis. Everything comes together here. After all, we are the only Baltic Sea port with a direct connection to the motorway, rail and inland waterway networks.

  • Port handling, stevedoring, storage - modern port handling has a long tradition here in Lübeck. Just as important as our core business: constant further development. That's why we've long since changed to a dynamic full-service partner when it comes to logistics, supporting our customers with a wide range of services from technical service solutions to real estate rental. Our speciality: flexibility. No matter what type of goods, no matter what general conditions, we will find a way. In wind and weather, around the clock.


  • It is a matter of honour for us that, as a logistics company, we work reliably, carefully and in a customer-oriented manner. It is precisely this commitment on our part that our customers from a wide variety of sectors, including forest products, the automotive and steel industry or RoRo transport, appreciate. Economic efficiency, ecological sustainability and social responsibility are elements that we constantly bear in mind. Because with our approximately 700-strong team, we are also one of the largest employers in the region.


The companies in the port of the Hanseatic city are pooling their strengths. As the largest port operator in Lübeck, it is only natural that we, as the LHG Group, are involved in strengthening the Port of Lübeck as a business location.


  • 22.1 m. t total handling volume
  • 324,000 m² of covered warehouse space
  • > 90 ferry departures per week
  • > 70 train departures per week

LHG gets things moving

Corporate structure

Founded on 31 December 1934, we are not exactly a newcomer to the goods and freight transport scene in Central Europe. Today, as Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH, we are the largest German RoRo operator on the Baltic Sea and are also a legal subsidiary of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, represented by managing directors Prof. Dr. Sebastian Juergens and Ortwin Harms.

Supervisory Board

  • The Supervisory Board of the LHG consists of nine members. Of these, 6 members are municipal representatives and 3 are from the workforce. 

    The chairman is Dr. Axel Flasbarth, first deputy chairman is Dirk Sawatzki and second deputy chairman is Henning Schumann

  • Further full members are: Sabine Haltern,Vivika Gramke, Christian Manke, Thomas Rathcke, Michael Sorg, Heike Wiesing-Weißbarth


  • For us, offering a full logistics service means that, in addition to our core business, i.e. modern port handling, we as the LHG Group cover a wide range of services in the logistics and transport segments.

  • This includes technical services and repairs, real estate and commercial space rental, as well as many other port-related services. To do this, we rely on an extensive network of subsidiaries and holdings.  

Our network

  • LHG Service-Gesellschaft mbH

    LHG Service-Gesellschaft (SG) takes care of the maintenance of industrial trucks, equipment, systems and buildings in the terminals at the Port of Lübeck. In addition to various vehicle care and maintenance measures for the automotive industry (e.g. underbody waxing), its range of services also includes equipment rental, facility management as well as environmental, quality and occupational safety management. SG has workshops at every terminal in the Port of Lübeck as well as a service vehicle in the greater Lübeck area.

  • European Cargo Logistics

    European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL) is one of the leading service providers for the distribution of forestry products in Europe. ECL also operates in the hinterland rail transport segment, most of which takes place via the intermodal terminal at Skandinavienkai.

  • Baltic Rail Gate

    Baltic Rail Gate GmbH (BRG) operates the intermodal terminal for combined transport (CT) at Skandinavienkai. This is where the three modes of transport, ship, rail and road, converge. This results in the highly efficient and environmentally friendly flow of goods between various destinations throughout Europe.

  • Lübeck Distribution Gesellschaft mbH

    Lübeck Distribution Gesellschaft mbH (LDG) is the point of contact for the handling and distribution of loose general cargo, heavy goods and project cargo. This includes the reloading of steel and machine components from wagons and trucks to shipping company units.

  • Nordic Rail Service GmbH

    Nordic Rail Service GmbH (NRS) provides personnel and vehicles for short and medium-haul transport in the railway transport services segment. In addition, NRS operates a wagon workshop and is responsible for maintenance and repair work on track, signalling and telecommunications systems at the Port of Lübeck.

Managing Directors

  • Ortwin Harms

    Ortwin Harms (onn the left side of the picture) has been a Managing Director at LHG since 1 April 2021. In that position, he is responsible for sales and marketing as well as human resources. After studying nautical sciences and shipping economics and gaining his Master Mariner’s qualification, Mr. Harms then worked at sea for several years. He was then hired as a port inspector in a shipping office specialising in the handling of forestry products. He joined LHG in 1990, initially holding managerial positions in the operational area. He has been an authorised signatory since 1998. Most recently, he headed the Sales and Marketing Department.

  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Jürgens (Management Spokesman)

    Prof. Dr. Sebastian Jürgens (onn the right side of the picture) has been Managing Director at LHG since 1 January 2014. As spokesman for the management board, he is currently responsible for the areas of operations, technology, administration (with a focus on finance and digitization) as well as strategy and communication. Prof. Dr. Jürgens is also an honorary professor of transport logistics at the Technical University of Berlin. From 2009, he was a member of the board of directors of Hamburger Hafen Logistik AG (HHLA). There, Prof. Dr. Jürgens was able to continue his work at Deutsche Bahn, where he was a member of the divisional board and a member of the executive board, responsible for the Intermodal Division. Following the second state examination in law and a Ph.D. in philosophy, Prof. Dr. Jürgens began his professional career at McKinsey & Co and with a law firm.

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Learn more:

  • How we work

    What we do matters. As does how we do it. This philosophy significantly shapes the manner of our cooperation, whether with our customers, our partner companies or our employees.

    Our values
  • Performance that gets things moving

    Whether in the office or in the terminal areas with our sleeves rolled up: Good work pays off. Just like the large number of benefits related to the daily work routine and beyond.

    Working at LHG

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