CORONA: current situation

What is the situation in our terminals?

20-04-16 12:20 pm

  • Ferry traffic from and to Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia has been running as usual at LHG’s terminals. However, some of the volumes have dropped noticeably. This also applies to the intermodal section.
  • Passenger traffic to and from Sweden, Finland and Latvia has almost come to a standstill. Border controls are taking place.
  • We are well positioned in terms of staff. We therefore handle all transport units on our quay facilities as usual.
  • Forest products are running well. New vehicles, however, are currently not being shipped due to production stop.
  • We do not have any confirmed Covid 19 case in our ranks so far.

How do we prepare for the coming days and weeks?

  • We have taken measures to handle ferry traffic at our facilities in the usual quality over the next few weeks. We will also continue to load trucks reliably.
  • A crisis management team daily adapts the necessary measures to the latest developments.
  • We have instructed our employees at the quay facilities and in the offices in detail how they should behave in order to protect themselves and others. Against this background, operational employees can reject certain services in the current situation if necessary.

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Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG) is Germany's largest port operator on the Baltic Sea. Lübeck offers not only ideal waterside and hinterland connections, but also profound expertise and cutting-edge handling equipment, achieving optimal fulfilment of our customers' requirements.

LHG Group not only provides perfect port cargo handling, but also offers numerous additional services around the transport chain. Whether forwarding services, intermodal traffic, picking, truck and railcar services- LHG's experts have customized solutions.

LHG operates four port terminals along the River Trave with state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities and highly trained staff. RoRo services as well as handling and covered storage and loading...

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Schlutup Terminal was developed in close consultation with paper manufacturers and is therefore optimally adjusted to meet the requirements of this highly sensitive commodity.
As one of the Swedish paper industry’s largest distribution centres in Europe, this facility offers very extensive shed capacities and special equipment for handling paper reels and palletized paper...  

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