We want to make a difference


  • With our services we aim to put the business processes of LHG, its subsidiaries and our customers   on a faster, more economical and optimized basis. In so doing we boost the company's efficiency, making a substantial contribution towards both sustained added value and enhancing customer loyalty to our Lübeck facilities.


  • Port-related services for the optimization of logistics processes.
  • Application service providing networking, sourcing, provision, servicing and adjustment of hardware and software solutions.
  • Consulting and development services for logistics processes.
  • Provision and further development of an effective logistics software solutions for ports and port-related firms, namely IHS (Integrated Port and Logistics System), with more than 30 modules. 
  • Premium, legally compliant and lean organizational achievements
  • Port Railway
  • Quality Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Safety


  • The department provides the group with state-of-the-art, secure-data and failsafe IT systems and hence its staff with all the essential electronic tools for facilitating effective operations.
  • Modern communications systems for use both in-house and on the move are as much a matter of course as SPAM- and virus-free operation thanks to the underlying security systems in the background. Statutory archiving, audit-proof operation, dual-checking principle or secure access to systems or rooms is guaranteed by the appropriate IT systems. A modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) system communicates with LHG's logistics system and ensures efficient working at all times.
  • The web portal https://www.lhg24.com serves Port of Lübeck customers as an essential logistics platform.
  • The outstanding, unique feature of LHG's IT is its in-house logistics system in support and control of all main logistics processes.  The contribution of our IHS (Integrated Port and Logistics System) prompts us to see ourselves as an important force for innovation in ensuring performance that can withstand competition.