Responsibility is the benchmark for our activities

As one of Lübeck's largest employers, Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG) is a company that guarantees proximity to its customers, efficiency and reliability. Expertise, respect and responsibility are the benchmarks of our activities. This includes research & development as well as commitment to the environment and society.

LHG is repeatedly confronted by the challenge of weighing up commercial success, social justice and ecological compatibility and where possible to achieving an acceptable balance. Sustainable trading is one element of our corporate strategy and embedded in the company culture. We regularly reflect on what we do and measure ourselves by our results. Our staff are closely involved in the process.

The requests and suggestions of our stakeholders, customers and business partners are taken seriously and implemented appropriately. LHG is constantly developing itself as a company, systematically planning and evaluating technological and ecological innovations, implementing these while heeding the commercial aspects at the right time. LHG will react specifically and effectively to future growth, and the resultant commercial and technical challenges.

The fundamentals of LHG's quality and environmental management are embedded in our corporate policy and constitute the essential basis for all our actions. All our staff members observe these fundamentals and are committed to promoting quality as well to environmental protection and health & safety.