Forest product services

When it comes to handling and storage of forest products, we are one of Europe's most experienced terminal operators. Palletized cargoes, cellulose bales and paper and newsprint reels with unit weights of up to 7 tons, width of up to 4.3 metres and diameters of up to 2 metres are handled daily as a matter of routine at our Nordlandkai and Schlutup terminals.

Utilization of such special handling equipment as forklifts with automatic clamping pressure control, is just as important here as the availability of efficient, highly trained and motivated staff capable of catering for customer requirements and the sensitive nature of these cargoes at all times.

Discharging of forest products
Direct loading into railcar in cross-docking station
  • RoRo or StoRo discharge/loading of forest products
  • Storage of forest products
  • Pre-loading of trailers
  • Reloading ex-storage on to trucks and railcars
  • Stuffing/stripping of containers
  • Direct loading on to trucks and railcars (e.g. via cross-docking station unit)
  • Handling of jumbo containers (SECU boxes)

  • Recording of damage
  • Use of LHG's own software via customers' interfaces (Integrated Port Logistics System)
  • Goods distribution and transport by European Cargo Logistics

  • Project and heavy cargo handling (100-ton crane)
  • Handling of wheeled cargo of all types
  • LoLo container handling