Quality management under ISO 9001

One of LHG’s foremost objectives has always been to provide services that are outstanding. It is therefore only logical that the entire LHG range of services along with all its sub-areas is certificated under DIN EN ISO 9001.

With this certificate LHG’s customers can be certain that the norms defined represent the strict benchmark for quality assurance. Of whatever kind, cargoes are not just in good hands with our group, but in secure ones.

Proven over a long period and constantly being further developed, well-founded quality management means that processes and work instructions are formulated down to the final crucial detail.
Moreover, regular and intensive staff training for all areas of activity ensures that in the daily work process the certificate is filled with life. This systematic approach produces certainty for the customers and staff concerned with this process.
In the matter of quality, with us everything is fine tuned.

Environmental management to ISO 14001

LHG developed a comprehensive scheme for avoidance of detriment to the environment at an early stage. LHG‘s environmental management has been certified under ISO 14001 ever since 2000.

LHG is extremely well equipped to handle both "normal" cargo traffic and the transport of dangerous goods in an environmentally compatible way. Intelligent control of cargo services eliminates empty runs. Optimal connections with the hinterland enable customers to opt for the mode of transport that makes most sense ecologically.

Yet there are also a number of much smaller measures enabling synergy potentials to be utilized effectively. So waste management aboard seagoing ships in accordance with MARPOL is as much a matter of course as the use of bio-degradable lubricants, for example, or all-round noise protection and the selective collection and recycling of waste. Before being channelled into the River Trave, rain water is cleaned in special purification basins. Systematic management of the port area boosts the capacity and efficiency of the port without the need for additional land. Cutting-edge lighting control ensures optimal use of energy for large scale illumination, and a modern vehicle fleet, efficient fuel consumption with absolutely minimal emissions.