Our main port building "Hafenhaus" on Skandinavienkai has been the nerve centre of the Port of Lübeck since 2006. This architecturally striking building serves as workplace for over 400 staff of shipping and forwarding companies, service providers and port authorities, as well as LHG. Whether travelling on foot, by car or truck, the shipping company counters here can answer all questions related to sea passages.

In addition, in Hafenhaus passengers will find spacious waiting areas, check-in and check-out desks, a restaurant, shopping facilities and rest rooms that include a nappy-changing room. The shuttle bus services  to and from the ships leave from outside the building. And even if you have no wish to travel but simply want to enjoy a view of Skandinavienkai or savour the port atmosphere, the Hafenhaus is very inviting to visit any time.

Parts of the building, including the extensive terrace, are open to the public. You can reach Hafenhaus, Zum Hafenplatz 1, 23570 Lübeck, by Lübeck bus lines 30 and 40, as well as by car or bicycle. Parking spaces are available in front of the building. 

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