A port, my job

Railway workers in operational service - train driver and transport specialists (m/f/d)

Transport and logistics; for us, it's not just about heading for the coast. A large part of the goods and commodities on the continent are also transported by rail. That requires qualified staff who know how to manoeuvre these goods. Our railway workers drive trains in local and long-distance freight transport operations. This starts with smaller 1,000 kW locomotives and goes all the way up to heavy 4,000 kW trains. This also means that: As early as during their training, our employee are taught everything to familiarise them with electrical controls, motors and drives. They are also directly involved in the design of transport processes and ensure that the trains are completed properly, safely and on time.

  • What we offer:

    • A future-oriented workplace with a good chance of staying with the company
    • Thorough training and fair pay according to the ETV (collective agreement for non-state railway workers)
    • Good development opportunities and hands-on training
    • A great team and a working environment where there is always something going on
  • What it takes:

    • Minimum age of 18 years
    • A good secondary school or very good comprehensive school leaving certificate with good grades in mathematics and physics
    • A liking for technical activities and an interest in geography
    • Ability to work in a team, open-mindedness and good communication skills over different channels
    • Diligence and a sense of responsibility – especially with regard to safety precautions


  • Training period:

    3 years

  • Training location:

    Training cooperation with ODEG Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH, cantus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH and dispo-tf Rail GmbH

  • Training allowance:

    ETV (collective agreement for non-state railway workers)

    • 1st year: €1,010.18
    • 2nd year € 1,076.71
    • 3rd year € 1,138.59
  • Vocational school:

    • BS07 Bergedorf – Vocational school for business, traffic engineering and vocational preparation
    • Block instruction

Nordic Rail Service GmbH

Nordic Rail Service GmbH (NRS) provides personnel and vehicles for short and medium-haul transport in the railway transport services segment. In addition, NRS operates a wagon workshop and is responsible for maintenance and repair work on track, signalling and telecommunications systems at the Port of Lübeck.

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Learn more:

  • Application guide

    What should the application include? How do I prepare for the selection interview? We answer these and many other questions for prospective LHG trainees in our application guide.

    Everything about the application
  • How we work

    What we do matters. As does how we do it. This philosophy significantly shapes the manner of our cooperation, whether with our customers, our partner companies or our employees.

    Our values

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