Terminal Schlutup

Schlutup Terminal was developed in close consultation with paper manufacturers and is therefore optimally adjusted to meet the requirements of this highly sensitive commodity.

As one of the Swedish paper industry’s largest distribution centres in Europe, this facility offers very extensive shed capacities and special equipment for handling paper reels and palletized paper. Transferred to trucks, railcars or containers, from here these goods reach destinations all over Europe as well as overseas.

Along with forest products, all types of RoRo units as well as containers can be handled here.

  • Terminal area: 260,000 m²
  • Quay length: 230 m
  • Water depth: > 8.5 m
  • RoRo berths: 2 (pontoon)
  • Rail track: 3,300 m
  • Shed capacity: ca. 80,000 m² + ca. 20,000 m² covered open area
  • Equipment: Tugmasters, translifters, forklifts, reach stackers
  • Main cargoes: Paper and forest products, trailers, containers, general cargo