Terminal Nordlandkai

Nordlandkai is a multifunctional terminal that apart from handling such wheeled cargoes as trucks and trailers is used mainly for handling and storage of forest products, chiefly from Finland. 
Multifunctional sheds, covered sidings and handling areas ensure loading whatever the weather. Online Warehousing and radio data transmission systems ensure optimal storage planning and transparency and terminal control. The customers’ own transport systems, as for example the paper industry’s jumbo (SECU) containers, are efficiently transferred at Nordlandkai. A cross-docking station enables goods from these jumbo containers to be loaded directly on to trucks and railcars, later reaching destinations all over Europe.

A 100-ton mobile crane is available for handling containers, steel products and project shipments.

A further feature of Nordlandkai is Stadtwerke Lübeck's shore based electric power or cold ironing for an environmentally friendly energy supply for ships during their port laytime.

  • Terminal area: 484,000 m²
  • Quay length: 1,550 m
  • Water depth: 9.5 m
  • RoRo berths: 4 (one with upper deck ramp)
  • Rail track: 10,000 m
  • Shed capacity: ca. 120,000 m² + ca. 50,000 m² covered open space
  • Special features: Mobile heavy cargo/container crane, cross-docking station unit
  • Equipment: Tugmasters, translifters, forklifts, roll-trailers, reach stackers, platforms, excavator, wheel loader
  • Main cargoes: Forest products, trailers, containers, new/used vehicles, heavy, bulk and project cargo